Palm Beach County Medical Society’s “Project Access”

Listen as the CEO of the Palm Beach County Medical Society (PBCMS) Tenna Wiles talks about the more than 275,000 people in Palm Beach County who are uninsured or have no access to health care.  Thanks to more than 600 physicians who volunteer their time to provide medical attention to these individuals, Project Access is able to help about 5,500 people gain access to the health care they need.  Dr. Ivy Faske is one of those doctors who accepts Project Access patients and volunteers as a board member for the program.  Hear her story as one physician dedicated to giving back.  To make a donation or learn more about this and other PBCMS programs, visit  their web site  or call 561-433-3940. To listen to the program in a new window, click here:  PBMC Project Access 10/23/11

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