2012 Shows

The Firewall Centers

FirewallCneterswithTagThe goal of the Firewall Centers is to keep students focused on academics. Meet Angelo Defrank, who was typical of most middle school students.  He had trouble focusing on school. His mother enrolled him in a Firewall Center at his school, however, and everything changed. Find out how he learned to make good grades and go on to studywith scholarships – at Broward College. Also listen to Firewall Executive Director Andy Fernandez talk about how the tragic drug-related death of a 13-year old girl caused him to take action and prevent other young people from taking the wrong path in life. Currently serving nearly 150 students, Firewall Centers will grow to help more than 300 middle and high schoolers by next year with plans to expand to at least 1,000 students within five years. To find a way you can make a difference, call 954-252-0838, or visit their web site here to donate online or volunteer. To listen to the program in a new window, click here: The Firewall Centers  12/23/12

Broward League of Cities

BrowardLeagueofCitiesOur special guests this week are two dedicated political leaders who donate their time to support Broward County League of Cities, a non-partisan, non-profit organization representing the 31 municipal governments, plus more than 80 associate government, nonprofit and business organizations within Broward County.   City of Fort Lauderdale Commissioner Bobby Dubose serves as president of the organization and has focused his goal on logging 1 million volunteer hours at local municipalities.  Listen as he discusses the many opportunities to give back to your local communities as a volunteer.  He also talks about the League’s signature programs that provide scholarship, encourage young people to pursue careers in local government and recognize eco-friendly initiatives.   Senator Chris Smith talks about why he is involved in the League of Cities and how the organization allows municipalities to share ideas and solutions.  For more information, call 954-357-7370, or visit their web site here. To listen to the program in a new window, click here: Broward League of Cities 12/16/12

Junior Welfare Society

JuniorWelfare50YearsSeventy years ago, a group of 35 women got together to figure out to support local charities and their efforts to provide much-needed social services to the community.   They formed the Junior Welfare Society, which today remains a 35-member group supporting 50 different nonprofit organizations in Broward County.  Listen to Lynn Marchetto, JWS projects chair, explain how the nearly $100,000 a year raised by the organization is used to fund for families in need such expenses as electric bills, new eye glasses and automobile repairs.  As a 100 percent volunteer organization, all monies raised goes directly back into the community.  One charity supported by JWS is Jack and Jill Children’s Center in Fort LauderdaleExecutive Director Shannon Prohaszka explains how important the JWS is to her organization in providing “extras” for customers. Liz Caldwell brings the message home with specifics on how to make donations to JWS and support the existing programFor more information, visit their web site here. To listen to the program in a new window, click here:  Junior Welfare Society  12/09/12

Youth Automotive Training Center

Gabby Stewart was destined to be a short order cook the rest of her life until someone told her about the Youth Automotive Training Center (YATC) in Deerfield Beach.  She always loved working on cars with her dad and was thrilled by the opportunity to pursue this hobby as a careerListen to her tell about her experience as a student at YATCExecutive Director Terry Routley offers insight into the organization, which was founded by Jim Moran in 1984, and how it provides a wide range of services to disadvantaged youthFree tuition, counseling, GED support, college scholarships, daily meals and uniforms are among the benefits offered to YATC students.  For more information on how to support the school or hire their graduates call 954-428-0909, or visit their web site here. To listen to the program in a new window, click here:  Youth Automotive Training Center  11/18/12

South Florida Wildlife Center

SFWildlifeCenterLogoSouth Florida is home to one of the largest wildlife trauma hospitals and rehabilitation facilities in the nation, caring for more than 12,000 animals every year.  Listen to Sherry Schlueter, executive director of the South Florida Wildlife Center, an affiliate of The Humane Society of the United States, talk about the organization’s mission to rescue, rehabilitate and release native wildlife that has been harmed or displaced and to educate the public toward coexistence with all animals. Jerry Madden, one of the SFWC’s 600 volunteers, describes why he spends part of every day  there.  Find out how you can support this worthy organization, by listening to Diane Shawcross, senior director of  development, as she describes what makes this state-of-the-art surgical and treatment center such a vital part of our tri-county culture.  For more information, call 954.524.4302, or visit their website here. To listen to the program in a new window, click here: South Florida Wildlife Center  11/11/12

Family Promise

Just when we thought resources to support the people in need in our community were impossibly scarce, one organization has figured out a way to tap into an existing abundance of supportFamily Promise is a national network that brings together congregations of all faiths to help homeless families.  Tune in to hear Rhonda Clinton, the executive director of the North/Central Palm Beach County chapter, to find out how they do it.   Listen to the story of Begel St. Juste, who found out firsthand what a difference this organization can make.  Family Promise helped him and his two sons get back on their feet. Volunteer Board Chair Peter Jones explains how you can help by joining the $360 Club (only a dollar a day). For further information on how to get your congregation involved, volunteer or make a donation, call  561-318-8864, or visit them online at their website here.  To listen to the program in a new window, click here: Family Promise  11/04/12


The thought of a child being abused is an unbearable thought, yet hundreds of children in our community have been removed from their homes due to abusive situations.  Luckily, a private, not-for-profit organization called ChildNet is focused on providing safety and stability to abused children as well as young people who have aged out of the foster care system.  The organization oversees services in both Broward and Palm Beach Counties under contract with the state of Florida.  Listen as President and CEO of ChildNet Emilio Benitez explains the services and tremendous strides they’ve made in creating a more comfortable and efficient support system.  Also hear from Sarah Thomas, who has grown from foster kid to ChildNet board member and future educator in the Broward School DistrictLarry Rein, the new executive director of ChildNet Palm Beach, rounds out the show with an enthusiastic pitch for financial support as well as foster parenting, an important need in both counties. For information about how to become a foster parent, call the recruitment hotline at 954-414-6001 in Broward, or 561-352-2501 in Palm Beach, or visit their web site here.  To listen to the program in a new window, click here: ChildNet   10/14/12

Island City Stage

Imagine an intimate theatre where you can enjoy a New York-level stage production while reclining in a soft chair and sipping a glass of wine.  The Island City Stage in Fort Lauderdale offers that homelike setting and more.  With only 56 seats, this new community theatre offers an LBGT flavor that is open to anyone who enjoys edgy entertainment and high caliber acting.  Listen as Artistic Director Andy Rogow and Resident Director Michael Leeds, both of whom bring New York experience to South Florida, discuss this exciting new venture and their plans to grow the Island City Stage.  Their success depends on community support, so call 954-600-7113, or visit their web site here. To listen to the program in a new window, click here: Island City Stage  10/07/12

PACE Center for Girls – Broward Chapter

In 1992, Aggie Pappas, executive director of PACE Broward, and her then-volunteer Judy Joffe, met on card tables to plan events to support the program for girls, ages 12 to 18, whose needs were not met in traditional school environments.   Listen to find out how Aggie has grow the program into a beautiful campus in Wilton Manors, where middle and high school age girls can learn academic and life skills.  Identified as “dependent, truant, runaway, delinquent, or in need of academic skills,” the PACE girls receive the help they need to be successful.  Judy talks about her more than 15-year reign as a volunteer and board member and how she involves her colleagues at NCCI in fundraising efforts to support PACE.  To find out more, call 954-561-6939, or visit their web site here. To listen to the program in a new window, click here: Pace Center Broward  09/23/12

The Hanley Center

Baby Boomers are one of the fast growing groups of people suffering from addiction diseases, according to John Dyben, the executive director of treatment services at the West Palm Beach-based Hanley Center.  Now part of the national Caron Treatment Centers network, the facility prides itself on individualized treatment based on age and gender, says Dyben.  Listen as he and his colleague Juan Harris, program director, Center for Older Adult Recovery, talk about the “accidental addicts” who unwittingly get hooked on prescription medications.  They also describe the treatment options available for adolescents through seniorsRachel Docekal, CEO of the Hanley Center Foundation, describes how scholarships help individuals, who would not otherwise be able to experience the Hanley Center, get the help they need.  For more information on how to support the organization’s treatment and prevention education programs, call 1-800-4-Hanley, the Foundation directly at 561-841-1211, or visit their web site here. To listen to the program in a new window, click here: Hanley Center  09/09/12

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