Family Promise

Just when we thought resources to support the people in need in our community were impossibly scarce, one organization has figured out a way to tap into an existing abundance of supportFamily Promise is a national network that brings together congregations of all faiths to help homeless families.  Tune in to hear Rhonda Clinton, the executive director of the North/Central Palm Beach County chapter, to find out how they do it.   Listen to the story of Begel St. Juste, who found out firsthand what a difference this organization can make.  Family Promise helped him and his two sons get back on their feet. Volunteer Board Chair Peter Jones explains how you can help by joining the $360 Club (only a dollar a day). For further information on how to get your congregation involved, volunteer or make a donation, call  561-318-8864, or visit them online at their website here.  To listen to the program in a new window, click here: Family Promise  11/04/12

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