Junior Welfare Society

JuniorWelfare50YearsSeventy years ago, a group of 35 women got together to figure out to support local charities and their efforts to provide much-needed social services to the community.   They formed the Junior Welfare Society, which today remains a 35-member group supporting 50 different nonprofit organizations in Broward County.  Listen to Lynn Marchetto, JWS projects chair, explain how the nearly $100,000 a year raised by the organization is used to fund for families in need such expenses as electric bills, new eye glasses and automobile repairs.  As a 100 percent volunteer organization, all monies raised goes directly back into the community.  One charity supported by JWS is Jack and Jill Children’s Center in Fort LauderdaleExecutive Director Shannon Prohaszka explains how important the JWS is to her organization in providing “extras” for customers. Liz Caldwell brings the message home with specifics on how to make donations to JWS and support the existing programFor more information, visit their web site here. To listen to the program in a new window, click here:  Junior Welfare Society  12/09/12

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