The Hanley Center

Baby Boomers are one of the fast growing groups of people suffering from addiction diseases, according to John Dyben, the executive director of treatment services at the West Palm Beach-based Hanley Center.  Now part of the national Caron Treatment Centers network, the facility prides itself on individualized treatment based on age and gender, says Dyben.  Listen as he and his colleague Juan Harris, program director, Center for Older Adult Recovery, talk about the “accidental addicts” who unwittingly get hooked on prescription medications.  They also describe the treatment options available for adolescents through seniorsRachel Docekal, CEO of the Hanley Center Foundation, describes how scholarships help individuals, who would not otherwise be able to experience the Hanley Center, get the help they need.  For more information on how to support the organization’s treatment and prevention education programs, call 1-800-4-Hanley, the Foundation directly at 561-841-1211, or visit their web site here. To listen to the program in a new window, click here: Hanley Center  09/09/12

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