The Firewall Centers

FirewallCneterswithTagThe goal of the Firewall Centers is to keep students focused on academics. Meet Angelo Defrank, who was typical of most middle school students.  He had trouble focusing on school. His mother enrolled him in a Firewall Center at his school, however, and everything changed. Find out how he learned to make good grades and go on to studywith scholarships – at Broward College. Also listen to Firewall Executive Director Andy Fernandez talk about how the tragic drug-related death of a 13-year old girl caused him to take action and prevent other young people from taking the wrong path in life. Currently serving nearly 150 students, Firewall Centers will grow to help more than 300 middle and high schoolers by next year with plans to expand to at least 1,000 students within five years. To find a way you can make a difference, call 954-252-0838, or visit their web site here to donate online or volunteer. To listen to the program in a new window, click here: The Firewall Centers  12/23/12

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