The thought of a child being abused is an unbearable thought, yet hundreds of children in our community have been removed from their homes due to abusive situations.  Luckily, a private, not-for-profit organization called ChildNet is focused on providing safety and stability to abused children as well as young people who have aged out of the foster care system.  The organization oversees services in both Broward and Palm Beach Counties under contract with the state of Florida.  Listen as President and CEO of ChildNet Emilio Benitez explains the services and tremendous strides they’ve made in creating a more comfortable and efficient support system.  Also hear from Sarah Thomas, who has grown from foster kid to ChildNet board member and future educator in the Broward School DistrictLarry Rein, the new executive director of ChildNet Palm Beach, rounds out the show with an enthusiastic pitch for financial support as well as foster parenting, an important need in both counties. For information about how to become a foster parent, call the recruitment hotline at 954-414-6001 in Broward, or 561-352-2501 in Palm Beach, or visit their web site here.  To listen to the program in a new window, click here: ChildNet   10/14/12

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