The Enrichment Circle

 Patty Gomez, the founder and director of The Enrichment Circle, is passionate about stimulating creative thinking in children, as you’ll hear as she describes how her organization provides enrichment programs in the arts, nature, physical education, technology and literacy.

Listen to two of the students who write for her newspaper, The Circle Gazette, the nation’s only newspaper produced by and for students under age 18.   Staff reporter Ismail Ercan, a 9th grader at Pine Crest School in Fort Lauderdale, talks about how the experience has helped him refine his writing skillsReagan Olenick, a 5th grader at Everglades Elementary School in Weston, is a frequent contributor to the newspaper with her stories about school and travel adventuresChristie Voss, one of many professional volunteers with the organization, handles the graphic design of the paper.  She explains the many opportunities to support the paper, including advertisements that cost as little as $250 for a full page.  For more information, call 954-918-2541 or visit their website at To listen to the program in a new window, click here: The Enrichment Circle. 12/18/11

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