Funding Arts Broward

Funding Arts Broward (FAB!) was founded in 2003 by artist and philanthropist Francie Bishop Good, who saw a need to counter severe government cuts in arts programs.  Seven years later, the organization surpassed the $1.2 million mark in distributing grants to Broward County arts organizations.   Even more support is available to these groups thanks to the new FAB Knight New Work Award, three grants totaling $90,000 available to FAB-funded organizations that have transformational ideas to create extraordinary arts experiences.  Listen to grants administrator, Michelle Wienberg, talk about the recipients of the first round of grants and how this program promises to expand arts audiences throughout the community.  Jeff Rusnak, director of development for the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, talks about the first program, Artists Unknown, to receive a $50,000 grant.  For more information on how to support FAB and learn more about the New Work grant recipients, visit their website at  For details about the Hollywood Art and Culture Center, call 954-921-3274 or visit their website at To listen to the program in a new window, click here: Funding Arts Broward 12/25/11

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