1000+ Club to Benefit Cancer

In the last three decades, one  group of women in Broward County has raised more than $3.6 million to support local charities dedicated to fighting cancer.  The 1000+ Club to Benefit Cancer also brings together all types of nonprofits each April for an elegant “Women of the Year” fundraising luncheon.  Listen to one of the 2012 co-chairs, Julie Osinski, talk about the event and examples of projects the organization has funded.  Also on the show is Merrill Thomas, a 2012 honoree and 1000+ Club executive board member.  Each year, the Club selects 13 nonprofits to recognize at the luncheon.  These groups, in turn, select a “Woman of the Year” from their donor/volunteer ranksMerrill was chosen by Cystic Fibrosis. For more information about how to get involved in or support the 1000+ Club, visit their website here. To listen to the program in a new window, click here1000+ Club to Benefit Cancer.  1/22/12

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