The Rising Tide Car Wash for Autism

RisingTideCarWashJohn Deri, whose 22 year old son, Andrew, has autism, has translated his skills as a successful entrepreneur into a venture aimed at helping individuals with autism secure steady employment.   The Rising Tide Car Wash, now open in Parkland, employs 35 individuals with autism, including 21 Broward County high school students, who have completed a rigorous training program. Each team member must perfect 46 specific steps to completing the customer experience at the car wash.  He has worked closely with a variety of autism groups, including the Dan Marino Foundation and Autism Speaks, to develop this unique training model.  With his son, Tom, John dreams of franchising this concept throughout the nation.  He also envisions this concept working so well that no customer will even notice that they are being helped by people with autism. They’ll only be amazed at the excellent customer service they receive and become a loyal patron.  For more information about Rising Tide Car Wash and how to help create careers for people with autism, call (954) 482-0732, or visit their web site here. To listen to the program in a new window, click here: Rising Tide Car Wash 05/04/13

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