Diabetes Coalition of Palm Beach County

Diabetes-Coalition-PB-RGBVanessa March and Debbie Walters from The Diabetes Coalition of Palm Beach County were our guests on this week’s Forum for Nonprofits. Beginning in November of 2010, Palm Healthcare Foundation convened a panel of local health leaders who were concerned about the increasing prevalence of diabetes; and who had an interest in exploring local issues and solutions related to the prevention and management of diabetes in Palm Beach County. After two meetings, there was resounding support from all of the participants to explore forming a local diabetes coalition. In March of 2012, Barbara Jacobowitz, Chair of the Florida Diabetes Alliance Leadership Council and a trustee of Palm Healthcare Foundation, arranged for two state officials, who were instrumental in crafting the Florida Diabetes Health System Strategic Plan, to provide an overview of state-level efforts; and how a local initiative could link to and support the state strategic plan. M. R. Street, MPH, Florida Department of Health, presented highlights of the Florida Diabetes Health System 2011 Strategic Action Plan. Epidemiologist Tammie Johnson, D.Ph., provided a comparative perspective when she presented Palm Beach County diabetes statistics against state and local data. They can be reached on the Diabetes Coalition of Palm Beach County website here. To listen to the program in a new window click here: The Diabetes Coalition of Palm Beach County 01/31/2017.

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