Jewish Adoption and Family Care

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JAFCO’s mission is to care for abused, neglected and at-risk children as well as those with developmental disabilities in the Jewish community and to work in partnership with families and the entire community. We believe that the care of children in our community is our responsibility, one we accept with joy, pride and love.

…giving every child a place to belong

JAFCO provides a full continuum of high-quality services including foster care, adoption, family preservation, mentoring, independent living and developmental disability programs. The JAFCO Children’s Village, consisting of an Emergency Shelter and six Group Homes, is one of the most unique and innovative programs in the nation. The JAFCO Children’s Ability Center supports families raising children with developmental disabilities by providing family enrichment, resources, and respite care all within one state-of-the-art center. JAFCO also is providing foster care, adoption, family preservation and support services to families raising a child with a developmental disability in our Philadelphia office.


JAFCO’s vision is to provide a model child welfare program which can be replicated by other communities around the country providing a full continuum of high-quality family preservation, case management, foster care, adoption, emergency shelter, group home, independent living, therapy, mentoring, family enrichment, and respite services to both typical and special needs children and their families. We believe that the care of children in our community is our responsibility, one we accept with joy, pride and love.

Our long-range vision is to promote the development of our unique comprehensive services to abused, neglected and special needs children in other Jewish communities around the country — whether those services are provided by local existing autonomous agencies, or by JAFCO directly.

Philosophy: JAFCO believes that the care of our children is a community responsibility.

  • We believe that while JAFCO was created to fill an unmet need in the Jewish community, it is our privilege, our pleasure and our responsibility as a Jewish community to offer our quality services to any child and family in need.
  • We believe that by recognizing and respecting the signs and symptoms of trauma in our clients and other stakeholders, we can mindfully integrate our commitment to the Trauma Informed Care Model into our policies, procedures, practices and daily interactions.
  • We believe that nothing is more tragic than a family torn apart and that providing a child with a familiar cultural and religious environment will assist that child as they heal from the trauma of abuse and neglect and separation from their biological family.
  • We believe that communities will respond to the responsibility of caring for abused and neglected and special needs children when appropriately educated as to presence of local children needing their support, and when an organizational framework is established that provides concerned people with opportunities to participate in meeting the needs of such children.
  • We believe that children served by JAFCO should be treated no differently than the traditional way loving “Jewish parents” would act toward their biological children, offering them the best life has to offer in all aspects of their social, emotional, physical, educational, cultural and spiritual development.
  • We believe that caring for dependent children should not be viewed as charity, but should be viewed as a parent caring for a child — with joy, pride, love and support….giving every child a place to belong.

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