Extraordinary Charities

A Message From Our Founders

In the six years that Extraordinary Charities of Palm Beach County has published the Directory for Charitable Giving, we have focused on culture, education, international issues, nature and environment and human services. Support of each area is key to the success of our community. However, we have evolved into a publication with an emphasis on human services and education.

Given the current social climate in our county, we have seen an increase in the need for homeless shelters, literacy training for adults, job placement of immigrant citizens, as well as integrating others into our community. Support is maintained for underprivileged children who need guidance through elementary and high school,and encouragement as they approach college.

An abandoned baby, a battered spouse, a violent teenager or a family left homeless – these are among the tragic stories that unfold every day in Palm Beach County. The inability to read or write, not only in a second language, but in your own can be frustrating and embarrassing. Limitations on the prospect of a job or just navigating everyday life for many is exasperating. Fortunately, there are many human services nonprofits that do an effective job of combating the causes of these serious social problems.

Philanthropic investment in the future of Palm Beach County’s children can deliver a lifetime of positive returns. As any teacher can tell you, it’s much more effective to reach a struggling child at an early age, rather than try to cure a problem later in life. That’s why many area nonprofits provide invaluable educational resources for young children, while others focus on helping adolescents and adults learn new career skills.

Unsung heroes in these organizations work to help children, adults and families improve their lives, and they deserve our thanks. Through continued philanthropic support, these extraordinary charities can continue to save lives and change our community for the better.


Beverlee Miller Raymond & John J. Raymond, Jr.
Extraordinary Charities, Inc.


Extraordinary Charities is a Palm Beach based nonprofit organization devoted to raising awareness of small but deserving Palm Beach County charities.  Its Directory for Charitable Giving is an informative resource for anyone who wants to support organizations that are building a stronger, more cohesive community.

For more information, please click here.

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