Living Hungry


5,141,000 MEALS / 20,000 FUEL UP PACKS/ 81,000 CHILDREN+


Every Child Has Potential.

The Fact is 1 out of 5 American students are failing to thrive due to malnourishment. Hunger plagues our American children living in poverty, right here at home.  Food is the #1 social determinant of health .Many endure 68 hours of hunger over the weekend away from school meals.  Malnourishment robs our young  students of their brightest futures, from elementary school to high school. This problem is solvable. We solve it. 

Maura Plante founded Living Hungry to nourish children well to realize their full potential.  Her dedication is total, her passion is infectious.

Worth Nourishing

Living Hungry is a  new charity born of the belief every child has a potential worth nourishing. Poverty setbacks and malnutrition plague our at-risk teens and homeless youth worst. Living Hungry is created to provide nutrition products and logistical solutions by teaming with our fiscal agent South Florida Hunger Coalition and funding partners to feed the children to change the storyline and unleash hidden genius in the next generation.   

Currently Feeding Students, Youth & People in Palm Beach County, Collier County, Okeechobee County, St. Lucie County, Martin County, Hendry County, Broward County and expanding fast. Be next.

Innovating Superheroes

Our vision is big. Not to fuel children to overcome poverty barriers, but to unleash wild success stories! We want to see young Americans come from behind, tap into their “hunger” to realize their dreams, imagine their brightest futures, and then live out their best lives. 

How do we do this? We innovate solutions to today’s problems. We use  iterative product development, R&D, efficient supply chain logistics, and build maverick  collaboratives. We partner well. We build to scale, to integrate local collaborators, to automate systems. Net effect results in dynamic and sustainable platforms. All to fuel up the most at-risk students for peak performance:

  • Homeless Students: Operation “Not One Hungry Homeless Student in Palm Beach County”  weekend feeding program 
  • “Food is Medicine” combats Diabetes with Food, Cooking, Classes & love.
  • At-Risk Teenagers: “WHOLE TEEN HEALTHY” program
  • New program concept percolating next. Stay tuned.

For more information, click here.

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