Center for Trauma Counseling

Center for Trauma Counseling 

Center for Trauma Counseling, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, was founded in 2012 by Helya Ortiz, LMHC, to serve Palm Beach County, Florida as a community mental health organization.  Her vision was to provide cost-effective and easily accessible community-based mental services to the community, to ensure continued personal, social and professional development and support; for the achievement and maintenance of a fulfilling quality of life.

Our Mission is to ensure the immediate availability of cost-effective mental health interventions to serve most in need Palm Beach County impacted by trauma related experiences.

Our Philosophy is that children, adolescents, adults, elderly and their families have access to evidence-based mental health treatment from trained mental health professionals.

Don’t suffer alone.  Get the help you need.

Provision of High Quality Services Is Our Number One Responsibility

Our community mission fulfills an unmet need in Palm Beach County. Our leadership focuses on delivering high quality trauma counseling to fulfill the mental health needs of our clients. Our center has highly-qualified mental health counselors with extensive training, licensing and in-depth experience. Specifically we are able to treat a number of symptoms, issues and disorders related to traumatic events. These include post-traumatic stress disorders; severe physical illness or disability; death and grief; disasters; mental, physical, emotional and sexual abuse, neglect and abandonment; and a number of other mental and psychological disorders.

For more information, click here.

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