PROPEL Your Future

People Reaching Out to Provide Education and Leadership


A Propelian is a student who strives for success. Propelians uphold good character traits and acts as leaders within their communities. They want to increase their knowledge to enhance their options and opportunities. These students want to exceed the norms by creating their own footprints. Best of all, they work to uplift their fellow Propelians by creating a family atmosphere which is both accepting and nurturing. Though this bond cannot be broken, it can be opened to share with others. Find out how you can become a Propelian!


PROPEL’s mission is to support academic advancement, leadership development and post-secondary planning for middle and high school aged students who attend Title 1 schools.


PROPEL is dedicated to supporting the academic and social-emotional needs of the most vulnerable in our community. Providing programming to adolescents who are systemically under served, PROPEL fosters self-sufficiency and supports the development of strategies to overcome obstacles.


PROPEL is committed to presenting new and innovative programming to students; preparing them for their future.

PROPEL measures success when students graduate with the confidence and foundational knowledge and skills to take on new challenges and pursue their dreams; an understanding of their talents and strengths; a commitment to their own academic, emotional and physical health and a passion to engage with their community.

For more information, please click here.

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