Drowning Prevention Coalition of Palm Beach County


To prevent drowning, non-fatal and other water-related incidents in Palm Beach County by educating residents on water safety and basic rescue techniques.

The number one cause of drowning in both Palm Beach County and the U.S. is Unsupervised Water Activity.

Seniors have the highest drowning rate in Palm Beach County*.
    * based on population
    * Source: Palm Beach County Medical Examiner records and the Office of Economic and Demographic Research

About Us

The Drowning Prevention Coalition was established in 1996 to reduce drowning, near-drowning and other water-related incidents by educating the public on water safety and basic rescue techniques.

The DPC is a primary resource for all Palm Beach County residents’ and visitors’ water safety needs. We offer information about local pools, layers of protection, swim instruction and life guarded areas.

The DPC is committed to extending the reach of our water safety educational initiatives through services provided to our residents. These services include, but are not limited to: education, providing free swimming lessons to qualified families and guiding groups and special needs programs to area swimming lessons.

Services We Provide:

  • Education: Organizations, educational programs, facilities, and summer camps can schedule an interactive water safety program for their participants. Activities are age appropriate and may include life jacket relay races, water safety bingo, stories, crafts and more. All activities are available at no cost and are conducted at the organization site. Programs are land-based.
  • Drowning Prevention Swim Bucks/Vouchers: Please visit How to Apply to see if your child(ren) qualify for the program. To find affordable lessons in your area, visit the swim lessons section.

Volunteer Opportunities

The continued success of the DPC remains dependent upon the energy and dedication of our Volunteers.

Call us at 561.616.7068 or email us at astewart@pbcgov.org to learn more about contributing your skills and experience to the Drowning Prevention Coalition of Palm Beach County.

Volunteer Activities

  • Certified swim instructors are invited to volunteer their time to work with children and adults teaching swimming skills.
  • Like to meet new people? Join us in our educational efforts by Volunteering to distribute educational materials to our residents at special events.
  • Volunteers assist us in organizing materials and performing various administrative duties.

For more information, click here.

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