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Heart2Heart Senior Outreach

h2h_04On this week’s show we had Blake Silverstrom, the executive director of Heart 2 Heart. The vision of Heart2Heart Senior Outreach is to provide residents in South Florida long term care centers with regular and consistent visitation with the opportunity. South Florida leads the nation in the number of elderly residents per capita. A vast majority of residents in long term care centers do not receive any visitors at all; not from family members, friends, or sadly, even the church. Most of the residents – who served us and our country as parents, grandparents, teachers, doctors, nurses, civic officials, business professionals, law enforcement officers and in the armed forces – are lonely and feel abandoned and rejected. They can be reached by phone at 954-600-6584, or on the Heart2Heart website here. Listen to the program here:   4/04/2017

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