Broward Regional Health Planning Council

brhpc-broward-regional-health-planning-council-navlogo1We had the pleasure of having Regine Kanzki, Division Director, Ruth Thomas, ACA Navigator, Jean -Robert Menard, Assistant and Program Manager at Broward Regional Health Planning Council. BRHPC’s direct service programs serve uninsured and underinsured low-income Broward County residents. These services include Early Learning/School Readiness, HIV/AIDS Planning, Quality Assurance, Eligibility, Housing Assistance, Consumer Advocacy, Mental Health, Chronic Disease Self-Management, Health Promotion, Disease Prevention, Substance Abuse, Maternal/Child Health and Forensic Re-integration. BRHPC provides coordinated, efficient cost-effective and client-centered services with a diverse workforce. They can be reached by phone at 954-561-9685 or on the Broward Regional Health Planning Council website here.  Listen to the program here: 

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