Feeding South Florida

We had the pleasure of having Paco Vélez, of Feeding South Florida.

Feeding South Florida is the sole Feeding America food bank serving Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade, and Monroe Counties. We are the largest and most efficient food bank in each of the counties we serve. More than 98% of all donations are put back into the community. For every $1 donated to us, we can provide 6 meals.

Through direct-service programs and a network of nonprofit partner agencies, Feeding South Florida distributes 50.5 million pounds (42 million meals) of food per year, as well as leads hunger and poverty advocacy efforts and provides innovative programming and education.

They can be reached by phone at 561.331.5441 or on the Feeding South Florida website here. Listen to the program here: 

Chariots of Love

cache_4094845855We had the pleasure of having Valerie Mathieu, of Chariots of Love.

The Chariots Of Love mission is to provide FREE wheelchairs, and wheelchair repairs, to mobility-challenged children in the USA under the age of 21. This is funded by tax deductible public donations and grants


They can be reached by phone on the Chariots of Love website here. Listen to the program here: 


Good Vibrations Music Co.

Good Vibrations Music Co. Logo We had the pleasure of having Kathleen Haden CEO of Good Vibrations Music.

Good Vibrations Music Co., Inc. is a 501(c) 3 Non-profit Frequency-Infused Music™ (FIM) and vibrational therapy company that designs, creates and markets FIM and vibrational products that promote health and wellness  for use by a broad spectrum of clientele, including individuals, medical professionals, dentists, spas, hotels and mind/body studios addressing a myriad of physical, emotional and spiritual conditions and associated issue

They can be reached by phone at 561-318-1578 or on the Good Vibrations Music website here. Listen to the program here: 

Connected Warriors

LogoWe had the pleasure of having Judy Weaver Co Founder and Director of Connected Warriors. The Connected Warriors mission is to empower Servicemembers, Veterans and their Families worldwide through Trauma-Conscious Yoga.

Judy Weaver, assisted by and Ralph Iovino, began a series of free local classes in south Florida. Based on a steady demand for more classes in more locations, Connected Warriors established its 501(c)(3) status and began to expand.

Connected Warriors continues to grow based on contributions and volunteerism and offers evidence based Trauma-Conscious yoga classes, programs and teacher training based on the latest scientific and psychological research in communities around the world.

They can be reached by phone at (954) 278-3764 or on the Connected Warriors website here. Listen to the program here: 

Special Spaces

No automatic alt text available.We had the pleasure of having Peggy Peterson Director and Adrianne Mckinley, Director of Fundraising of Special Spaces Boca Raton.

Special Spaces creates dream bedrooms for children with life-threatening medical illnesses limited to children with cancer, brain tumors, organ transplants and life threatening heart conditions.

Their goal is to transform their bedroom into a place that only the child can dream or imagine. We hope to create a special space where the child can heal, recover, and find peace.

They can be reached by phone at 865-249-6079 or on the Special Spaces website here. Listen to the program here:

National Association of Health Services Executives South Florida

NAHSE South Florida We had the pleasure of having Grant McGaugh Chapter President and Natoia McGarrell, Executive Secretary of National Association of Health Services Executives South Florida. The NAHSE South Florida is a non-profit association of minority health care executives founded for the purpose of promoting the advancement and development of minority health care leaders and elevating the quality of health care services rendered to minority communities.

NAHSE’s purpose is to ensure greater participation of minority groups in the health field. Its basic objective is to develop and maintain a strong viable national body to more effectively have input in the national health care delivery system. It has provided a vehicle for Blacks to effectively participate in the design, direction and delivery of quality health care to all people.

They can be reached by phone at 305-562-1825 or on the National Association of Health Services Executives website here. Listen to the program here: 

Hope Gel

Hope Gel logo We had the pleasure of having Nathan Feldman and Daniel Shapiro, Co-Founders of  Hope Gel. Hope Gel’s mission is to passionately address the global issue of childhood malnutrition through nourishment and hope.

Through a community-based approach, Hope Gel provides vital nutrients to those suffering from malnutrition – and provides the essential human element of hope to let those impacted know that someone cares. Hope Gel promotes awareness and then a venue for diverse groups of all ages and backgrounds to come together and create solutions.

They can be reached by email at hope@hopegel.com or on the Hope Gel website here. Listen to the program here: 


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