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Rotary Community Garden and Food Forest of Coral Springs

Rotary_New-300x88This week on Forum for Nonprofits, we had the pleasure of having Judi Gulko, the co-organizer of the Rotary Community Garden and Food Forest of Coral Springs. The Rotary Community Garden of Coral Springs is a joint effort of the City of Coral Springs, the Rotary Club of Coral Springs and interested citizens of our community. The garden is adjacent to the Dr. Steven G. Paul Dog Park, located at 2575 Sportsplex Drive, in Coral Springs, Florida. This is the garden’s seventh year. There are fifty-four 4′ * 8′ garden boxes, which individuals, families or groups rent out for the year. There is a mandala circle garden and other community areas where we grow herbs and vegetables for all our gardeners. There are row crops where food is grown for donation to homeless shelters. They are also currently building a food forest in the fruit grove. A food forest is a garden like a forest ecosystem, with different types, stages and layers of perennial plants which are edible or useful. They can be reached by phone at 954-200-1788, or on the Rotary Community Garden and Food Forest of Coral Springs website here. Listen to the program here:  03/28/2017

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