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Connected Warriors

LogoWe had the pleasure of having Judy Weaver Co Founder and Director of Connected Warriors. The Connected Warriors mission is to empower Servicemembers, Veterans and their Families worldwide through Trauma-Conscious Yoga.

Judy Weaver, assisted by and Ralph Iovino, began a series of free local classes in south Florida. Based on a steady demand for more classes in more locations, Connected Warriors established its 501(c)(3) status and began to expand.

Connected Warriors continues to grow based on contributions and volunteerism and offers evidence based Trauma-Conscious yoga classes, programs and teacher training based on the latest scientific and psychological research in communities around the world.

They can be reached by phone at (954) 278-3764 or on the Connected Warriors website here. Listen to the program here: 

Health Awareness Month

Related imageImage result for barkan methodMay is Health Awareness Month! We had the pleasure of having Lisa Steiner of Barkan Method and Evolution Yoga as well as Vicki Katz, Executive Director at The Faulk Center for Counseling. The mission of the Faulk Center for Counseling is to promote emotional well-being through a variety of free and low-cost programs for counseling, therapy, and support. The Barkan Method is a style of Hatha Yoga that originated from a lineage in Calcutta, India. The practice brings vital balance and restores all systems to optimal health.  Consistency will create a physical, mental and spiritual harmony that will be felt in all areas of the practitioner’s life. For more information on either of these mental health resources, please check out the Faulk Center for Counseling website here or the Barkan Method website here.

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